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Elephant Statue - 2 x 1.25 Inches | Copper Idol/ Elephant Figurine for Home/ 70 Gms Approx

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Rs. 590.00
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SKU 52505000
Width Height Depth Material Weight

1.25 in

2 in

0.25 in


0.07 kg

• Presenting the magnificent Elephant Statue, a stunning work of art that gives any house a sense of grace and elegance. 
• This Copper elephant Idol, which is carefully crafted with every detail, perfectly conveys the constant charm of the royal elephant, which is respected for its might, decision-making, and strong presence.
• Elephant statues, crafted from copper materials, are popular choices for home decor due to their symbolic significance and aesthetic appeal.
• The elephant figurine for home is a great addition to any living area, office, or meditation space because it stands tall and proudly and represents prosperity and good fortune. Its elaborate design is a conversation starter and a source of respect because it shows the rich history of culture and creative improvements.
• Many people believe that placing an elephant statue facing the entrance of the home invites good fortune and prosperity.
• Elegantly crafted from premium copper, this elephant sculpture radiates warmth and elegance from its beautiful surface, elevating the atmosphere in every space it decorated. 
• Its majestic presence conveys a sense of peace and harmony whether it is positioned on a bookshelf, or tabletop, guiding you to take a moment to stop and think in the middle of living your busy life.
• Symbolic of strength, power, and wisdom, this elephant idol is not simply a beautiful decorative item but it has deeper meaning.
• Elephant idol are also popular gifts for housewarmings, weddings, or other special occasions, symbolizing blessings 
• Elephant sculpture is a precious objects that will be handed down through the years and preserve the memories and stories of its original home because of its ageless appeal, which transcends fashion trends.