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Ebony Karungali Wood Soolam 6 Inch

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The Soolam is a divine symbol in Hinduism. Lord Shiva wields the soolam as a weapon. The three edges in the Soolam have various meanings and implications. They are commonly said to represent various trinities—creation, maintenance, and destruction; past, present, and future; and the three gunas. This Soolam is made from ebony, or karungali.

Discover the benefits of Karungali:

The wonderful, healing, and strong bark of the tree known as karungali (ebony) is known to have marvelous effects. The vast array of qualities that Karungali offers is incredible. The karungali tree is claimed to draw electromagnetic waves and radiation. Karungali wood is utilized for a variety of products, including temple gopurams, idols, sculptures, sticks, and antiques. The benefits of adopting Karungali include promoting spiritual health, lessening Mars's unfavorable impact on one's horoscope, getting blessings from deities thought to reside in Karungali, and diminishing the unfavorable effects of the Navagrahas.

Product Features:

• Soolam, or Trisulam, is considered the weapon of Lord Shiva and Amman.
• In many Amman temples, Lord Shiva Trishul is placed in front of the deity.
• Karungali soolam (Soolam) worship purifies us spiritually and mentally by destroying our vices and evil qualities.
• It removes the negative energy from the person and helps them get connected to the Almighty.
• It removes the ahankaar (ego) barrier from the person's mind and leads them to the Almighty.
• Compact in size with a built-in strong stand.
• It is believed that the soolam can protect the worshipper from physical and spiritual harm.