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Ear Ring - 1.25 x 1.25 Inches | Stone Earring/ Stone Stud/ Stone Jewellery

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SKU 72503097
Width Height Depth Weight

1.25 in

1.25 in

0.05 in

0.025 kg

• Beautifully made, this stunning ear ring with brilliant stones is meant that emphasize any deity's cosmic presence. 
• The stone earring is a suitable accessory for holy rites and ceremonies since it is finely crafted from premium materials and radiates grace and elegance.
• This stud earring with stones were carefully selected for their spiritual and cultural significance, which gives the piece depth and vitality. 
• With deity jewellery their captivating patterns of light reflection, the glittering jewels, which were selected carefully for their brilliance and clarity, encapsulate the essence of cosmic beauty.
• Every aspect of this stone earring, from its highly wrought settings to the delicate designs that cover its surface, demonstrates the intricate craftsmanship of the piece. 
• Carefully sculpted to arouse feelings of awe and devotion, each curve and contour invites believers to become closer to the divine.
• This stud earring is a symbol of the creator's dedication and reverence, whether it is worn as an offering during worship or set upon the ears of a statue of a deity. 
• It enhances the sacred area in which it is housed and is a treasured symbol of faith and devotion due to its enduring beauty and spiritual importance.