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Durga Devi Sitting On Lion - 6 x 4 Inches | Brass Statue/ Durga Murti for Pooja/ 490 Gms Approx

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Rs. 5,660.00
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SKU 51252748
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4 in

6 in

1.5 in


0.49 kg

• Durga Devi, the goddess of bravery, strength, and motherly affection, is shown in this beautiful brass figure sitting graceful on her vahana, the powerful lion. 
• The masterwork of Durga Devi Sitting On Lion , which was created with great care and attention to detail, perfectly embodies the Hindu deity in all of her beautiful glory.
• The weapons in each of durga idol's arms represent her divine abilities for fighting against evil and safeguard her followers. Her calm expression shows bravery and kindness, inspiring boldness and wonder in everyone who sees her.
• The beautifully crafted lion represents her powerful but kind attitudes, demonstrating her capacity to balance strength and affection in equal measure. Its aggressive attitude is a reflection of durga mata constant resolve to defeat ignorance and defend justice.
• Devotees believe that worshiping this durga murti statue brings courage, protection, and blessings from the goddess.
• In temples and homes, the Durga Devi statue becomes a focal point for communal prayers and celebrations, uniting devotees in their devotion to the goddess.
• This holy durga murti is ideal for decorating a shrine at home or any other sacred place, bringing blessings of wealth, protection, and power into your life. 
• This durga devi statue serves as an exterior symbol of regard and devotion to the holy mother, whether it is utilized for regular worship or special events like Navaratri.
• Whether placed in homes, temples, or outdoor shrines, the Durga murti symbolizes protection, auspiciousness, and divine grace. 
• Overall, the brass statue of Durga Devi sitting on a lion is not just a piece of art but a sacred symbol of strength, protection, and divine grace revered by millions of Hindus worldwide.