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Door Toran - 36 Inches | Artificial Toran/ Beads Design Thoran/ Bandanwar for Home Decor

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• An artificial flower toran is an ornament that is traditionally hung on the front door of Indian homes or temples.
• It is also known as a door toran, wall decoration, or wall hanging.
• The artificial flower toran hanging is meant to welcome guests and infuse the space with prosperity and positive energy.
• Our golden-colored door torans are richly imbued with Indian customs and culture. • A traditional door-hanging decor adorns doorways to welcome prosperity and good energy into the home is the golden-colored door toran.
• Since the door toran is made of high-quality components, this gorgeous piece has an opulent and radiant aspect.
• The door toran visual attractiveness is further increased by its golden color and elaborate designs and embellishments, which often include beads and sequins.
• The door toran's golden color represents prosperity, success, and happiness, which makes it the perfect décor piece for auspicious events like weddings, festivals, and housewarming celebrations.
• The artificial flower toran has a dazzling gold hue that captures the light exquisitely, resulting in a cozy and welcoming ambiance.
• The door-hanging decor is frequently embellished with traditional symbols, flowers, and leaves, which are thought to fend off bad luck and provide good fortune.
• At festivals, weddings, and other momentous occasions, a welcome decoration or welcome banner is commonly used to adorn the entrance and create a cozy and friendly ambiance.
• A Welcome door toran usually hangs horizontally above the entrance door, framing it.
• The artificial flower toran on display serves as a beautiful focal point and a way for guests to enter the room.
• The welcome decoration greets and honors guests as they enter the space and serves as a decorative focal point. It can also be utilized to enhance the visual appeal of an area, like a corridor.
• Consider bringing this wonderful door-hanging decor into your house without second thought.