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Deep Lady Standing on Elephant Wheel - 6.5 x 4 Inches | Antique Brass Idol/ Vilakku for Pooja/ 795 Gms Approx

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SKU 525041197
Width Height Depth Material Weight

4 in

6.5 in

3 in


0.795 kg

• The Deep Lady on Elephant Wheel, a captivating piece of traditional brass artistry that embodies grace and cultural richness. Crafted with a majestic elephant adorned with intricate designs, symbolizing strength and tradition.
• Perched elegantly atop this elephant is the Deep Lady, gracefully holding a brass lamp (deepam) in her hands, radiating warmth and serenity.
• Each element of this artwork, from the finely sculpted elephant to the delicate features of the Deep Lady, reflects the skill and artistry of master craftsmen.
• The brass vilaku (lamp) she holds is a symbol of auspiciousness and enlightenment, adding a spiritual dimension to its aesthetic appeal.
• Ideal as a centerpiece in your home or as a thoughtful gift, the Deep Lady on Elephant Wheel invites admiration and adds a touch of cultural heritage to any space.
• Whether displayed in a living room, study, or sacred altar, this sculpture serves as a reminder of timeless tradition and the beauty of craftsmanship.
• Embrace the artistry and symbolism embodied in this piece, celebrating both beauty and cultural significance.