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Dancing Ganesh Murti - 3 x 2 Inches | Copper Idol/ Dancing Ganesha Statue for Pooja/ 220 Gms Approx

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Rs. 1,960.00
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2 in

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0.22 kg

• A Dancing Ganesh Murti is a traditional representation of Lord Ganesha, often depicted in a dynamic dancing posture.
• Typically crafted from copper, this idol embodies the divine energy of Ganesha, a revered deity in Hinduism.
• This beautifully carved dancing ganesha idol for Pooja is a representation of wealth, knowledge, and lucky starts. 
• Dancing ganesha idol with deep copper color lends richness and peacefulness, making it a perfect focal point for any home shrine or sacred area.
• Devotees often place the dancing ganesha statue in their homes, temples, or places of worship, where it serves as a focal point for prayers, offerings, and rituals.
• This magnificent copper idol is a physical reminder of Lord Ganesha's forever blessings and guidance, whether it is put in a temple, meditation room, or personal shrine. 
• It is a priceless antique that will be appreciated for many generations to come because of its exquisite workmanship and classic elegance.
• The presence of a Dancing Ganesh Murti in a household is believed to invite blessings, prosperity, and positive energy into the space, fostering a sense of spiritual well-being.
• The copper ganesh idol is revered by devotees as a symbol of auspiciousness, wisdom, and the remover of obstacles, attributes associated with Lord Ganesha.
• Accept the divine nature of Lord Ganesha with this attractive Dancing Ganesh Murti, a representation of heavenly grace, strength, and wisdom. 
• Bring this magnificent copper idol into your home now to welcome success and wealth into your life.