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Damaru - 3 Inches | Fibre Udukkai/ Damaru Shiva/ Udukai for Pooja

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• Bring the divine rhythm of Lord Shiva's cosmic dance into your sacred space with the Fiber Udukai Damaru.
• This Fiber Udukai Damaru is an intricately crafted and lightweight alternative for traditional udukai damaru made from fiber, perfect for adorning the statues of various gods and goddesses.
• The udukkai damaru is skillfully crafted from high-quality fiber, ensuring durability and a lightweight feel. The use of fiber allows for intricate detailing and customization.
• The udukai damaru is a traditional Indian percussion instrument associated with Lord Shiva.
• It is often played during religious ceremonies, rituals, and bhajans, creating a divine and rhythmic atmosphere.
• Place the Fiber Udukkai Damaru alongside the statue of Lord Shiva or any other deity in your home, temple, or shrine.
• It adds a cultural and musical element to the divine setting.
• The udukai damaru can be used as a decorative accessory not only for religious purposes but also as an aesthetic addition to your home decor.
• The udukai damaru symbolizes the primal sound of creation and destruction, associated with Lord Shiva's cosmic dance.
• Its presence fosters a connection to the divine and the rhythmic heartbeat of the universe.
• Keep the Fiber Udukai Damaru looking its best by occasionally wiping it with a soft, dry cloth.
• The Fiber Udukai Damaru makes for a thoughtful and culturally rich gift for those who appreciate the symbolism and musical traditions associated with Hindu deities.
• May its presence create a harmonious and spiritual atmosphere, fostering a connection to the divine.