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Crawling Krishna Idol - 3 x 2.25 Inches | Brass Idol/ Laddu Gopal Murti for Janmashtami/ 155 Gms Approx

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SKU 52501354
Width Height Material Weight

2.25 in

3 in


0.155 kg

• Presenting our magnificent Crawling Krishna Idol of Lord Krishna, an ideal complement to any sacred area or pooja room.
• This exquisitely detailed Krishnan Statue is a treasured asset for both art enthusiasts and devotees, embodying divine grace and tranquility.
• This gorgeous brass idol depicts Lord Krishna in a dynamic crawling position that brings back memories of his carefree and enchanted early years.
• This krishna murti statue is designed to depict the young Lord Krishna in a crawling pose, symbolizing his playful and divine nature.
• The krishnan statue has deep, glossy copper surface gives your house a more divine feel and elevates its spiritual atmosphere.
• With its potent emblem of love and devotion, this brass Idol of Lord Krishna is perfect for thoughtful gifts, special events, or daily worship.
• By placing this krishna murti idol in your pooja area, you may create a sacred space for prayers and meditation while also inviting positive energy, serenity, and prosperity into your home.
• This Krishnan Statue will endure for years to come thanks to the sturdy, fine brass construction. It is simple to keep clean and maintain, and it never loses its heavenly elegance and charm.
• With the help of this exquisite krishna idol brass, accept the blessings of Lord Krishna and allow it to bring you joy and devotion on your spiritual path.
• This krishnan statue, which is ideal for pooja ceremonies, home décor, or gift-giving, is a tribute to India's divine workmanship and rich cultural legacy.
• Enhance your spiritual routine and beautify your sacred area with this exquisite portrayal of Lord Krishna.
• Owning a Crawling Krishna Idol made of brass is considered auspicious and is believed to bring prosperity and happiness to the household.