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Cow Pea Gardening | Vegetables | Vigna Unguiculata

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Period/Seasonal Colour: Various colors including white, cream, green, buff
Height: 3 to 6 Inches
Where To Plant: Plant outdoors after the last frost date, and when the soil has warmed
When To Plant: Grow cowpeas in full sun.
How To Plant: Stick the seeds straight into the dirt, planting about 1 in. deep and 4-6 inches apart, in rows 18 in. apart.Water thoroughly, then wait a few days for the seeds to germinate
Added Benefits: Controls Blood Cholesterol: Removes Free Radicals: Regulates Blood Sugar Levels: Treats Cardiovascular Ailments: Lignin Content Keeps Fatal Diseases Away
Tips: When watering, try to avoid getting the leaves wet as this can promote fungus or other damaging conditions that beans can be susceptible to.