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Cow and Calf Statue - 2.5 x 3 Inches | Antique Brass Statue/ Kamadhenu Statue for Pooja/ 520 Gms Approx

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Rs. 1,200.00
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SKU 52504158
Width Height Depth Material Weight

3 in

2.5 in

2.25 in


0.52 kg

Celebrate Hindu festivals and add a touch of divine beauty to your home with our exquisite Antique Finish Cow and Calf Statue. This sacred sculpture captures the essence of Hindu traditions and represents the revered mother cow and her calf.

Gain the divine blessings of Kamadhenu:

• In Hinduism, cow and calf idol holds a significant place of reverence and are considered sacred animals. They symbolize fertility, abundance, purity, and the embodiment of motherly love. Our Gold Plated statue beautifully captures the essence of this symbolism, making it a meaningful addition to your festive decorations.
• This Antique Finish Cow with Calf Statue showcases intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail. The statue is designed to evoke a sense of awe and devotion.
• The craftsmanship not only add a touch of elegance but also capture the spiritual essence associated with the divine cow.
• The statue is specifically designed for Hindu festivals, including Diwali, Krishna Janmashtami, and Gopashtami, among others. It serves as an auspicious centerpiece for your puja room, home altar, or any sacred space, creating a serene and spiritually uplifting atmosphere during festive celebrations.
• We offer the Cow with Calf Statue in various sizes, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preferences and display area. Whether you prefer a compact size for personal puja or a larger statue as a focal point for your festive decorations, we have options to meet your needs.
• Our Cow and Calf idol makes a thoughtful and cherished gift for family, friends, or loved ones who celebrate Hindu festivals or have a deep spiritual connection.