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Coral Bead | Moonga Stone/ Red Coral

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Coral is a stone of marine organic origin. Coral beads may be used to reconnect with nature and its variety of wonders. It bears a pleasant light reddish shade and has been used as jewellery beads for a long time. Elevate your spiritual practice with our exquisite Coral bead. This exquisite coral beading is a captivating representation of nature's artistry, and is useful whether you're a jewelry enthusiast, a collector, or someone seeking a unique and meaningful addition to your puja accessories & decor.

Features and Benefits:

• It is said to attract love and prosperity as it is called gem of passion.
• It is also said that owning coral bead/s and accessories brings creativity and optimism to the wearer.
• It supports confidence and impulsiveness.
• The Gemstone Coral, also known as Moonga in Vedic Astrology has powers to eliminate the ill effects of the planet Mars. It is also beneficial for those who are Manglik (a person born under the influence of Mars / Mangala, as per Hindu astrology).
• This original coral bead gemstone said to be quite effective for reducing anger, frustration, differences, and bringing peace of mind.