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Gas Stove Lighter - 10 Inches | Stove Lighter/ Clipper Lighter for Gas Stove

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Rs. 796.00
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SKU 63681
Width Height Weight

1.75 in

10 in

0.072 kg

• Upgrade your lighting experience with the Clipper Neo Flame Lighter.
• This innovative Stove lighter provides a quick method to light candles, incense, stoves, and more.
• It's the ideal complement to your daily life because it was made with sustainability and safety in mind. 
• The Clipper Neo Flame stove Lighter has a sleek, stylish, and user-friendly layout that is both aesthetically attractive and comfortable to handle.
• It's a chic addition for all of your lighting requirements. Use the flame control option to customise the flame to your preferences.
• This lighter provides both the soft flame you need for candles and the sturdy flame you need for stoves.
• The Clipper Neo Flame is refillable and reusable, unlike conventional disposable lighters. 
• This gas stove lighter has a child-resistant safety lock that makes sure it won't mistakenly light up in a child's hands.
• This flexible gas stove lighter can be used for a wide range of tasks in your everyday life, from igniting stoves for cooking to lighting candles for religious rites.
• The Clipper Lighter is simple to refill. Keep it prepared for your next use by simply using regular butane gas.
• Order your Clipper Lighter today and enjoy the benefits of an eco-friendly, safe, and versatile lighter that fits seamlessly into your daily life.