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Chunri - 6.5 x 4 Inches | Mata Chunari/ Chunri for Deity/ Assorted Design

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• In Hinduism, Chunari, or "Mata Chunari," is a highly symbolic object that represents purity, reverence, and devotion to the holy.
• It is a holy devi dress that is frequently offered to gods, especially in religious rites and celebrations. 
• With its elaborate pattern, Chunri reflects the wearer's ardent thoughts and has a spiritual meaning.
• Mata chunari, which is crafted with great attention to detail, is available in a variety of designs, each having its own special meaning and symbolism. 
• As a material manifestation of their faith and devotion, chunri occupies a special place in the hearts of devotees. 
• The devi dress is supposed to bless worshippers and sanctify the sacred place when draped over idols or altars. 
• It is a treasured property, valued for both its aesthetic appeal and symbolic significance, because to its timeless beauty and timeless charm.
• Its deep significance in Hindu culture is highlighted by its relationship with Mata Chunari and its function as a symbol of veneration for the deity, making it an essential component of religious rites and traditions.
• In this context, the idols of deities are given real life stature by adorning them with clothes and jewellery like velvet chunri.
• Chunari for pooja is adorned over the head of Ambe Ma, Durgaji, Saraswathiji and all the Goddess.
• Even when the chunri for pooja is changed, the same is taken as blessings and tied to the steering, bonnet of vehicles or at the door as a blessing of the Goddess/Mata.
• During any Devi pooja, Lakshmi Pooja and Navarathri Pooja, the Goddesses in both temples and homes are adorned with velvet chunri like a bride.