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Chozhi | Cowrie Shells/ Kauri Shell/ Cowrie Seashell for Pooja

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0.1 kg

• Throughout history, many cultures have employed cowrie shells, a type of seashell, for a variety of uses. These tiny, often smooth, oval-shaped shells are small in size. Cowrie shells are highly valued because of their aesthetic appeal, robustness, and cultural importance. In Tamil tradition, cowrie shells are called chozhi or sozhi.
• Cowrie shells/kauri shells have been used historically as a type of money and have been acknowledged as a means of transaction in many parts of the world. They had value and were used for trade and commerce in ancient societies because they were rare and distinctive.
• Cowries/kauri shells have been incorporated into a number of cultural customs and practises in addition to being used as money. They have been incorporated into clothing, accessories, and decorative goods as ornaments, jewellery, and adornments.
• Cowries are symbolic in many cultures and are frequently connected to luck, fertility, prosperity, and protection.
• Cowrie shells/chozhi shells have been used as game pieces in renowned board games like Pallanguzhi. Typically, the shells are moved or positioned on the playing field in accordance with predetermined guidelines and tactics.
• Cowrie shells are used for more than just decoration; they have a long history and significant cultural importance. The fact that they have been used as money, emblems, and gaming pieces demonstrates their adaptability and continuing appeal.
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