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Chandan Bracelet - 2.5 Inches | 10 mm/ Chandan Hand Band/ Sandal Bracelet/ Jewellery for Men & Women

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•The Sandal Wood Pure-Chandan Bracelet, which embodies the ultimate in beauty and calm.
•This gorgeous hand band, which was crafted with every detail in mind, perfectly combines classic elegance with organic beauty.
•This chandan bracelet's beads are painstakingly carved from pure sandalwood, which is prized for its calming scent and its symbolic meaning across many cultures.
•Sandalwood's chandan Bracelet will warm, rich colors make for an enthralling visual appeal, and its organic scent gives your aura an additional layer of peace.
•This hand band can be worn by both men and women with equal grace and flair because it is gender-neutral and versatile.
•Whether paired with other accessories or worn as a stand-alone statement piece which the sandalwood bracelet elevates any ensemble with a hint of subtle luxury.
•This chandan bracelet has greater meaning than only its visual appeal; it represents harmony, tranquility, and consciousness.
•Savor the classic charm of our Pure-Chandan Bracelet and add a hint of organic elegance to your look.
•Accept the essence of peace and let the beauty of simplicity to be reflected in your accessories with chandan bracelet.