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Buddha Statue - 10 x 5.5 Inches | Resin Buddha Murti/ Buddha Sitting Figurine for Pooja

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Rs. 1,000.00
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SKU 6310390
Width Height Depth Weight

5.5 in

10 in

4.5 in

0.755 kg

An image or representation of Gautama Buddha, the enlightened teacher adored by Buddhists all over the world and the founder of Buddhism. Buddha statues are revered as important artefacts and operate as a centre for Buddhist rituals, meditation, and devotion. Keeping this Gautam Buddha Statue / Buddha murti will help you reach your goals & provide a serene addition to your space.

Attain the blessings by holding the status of Buddha:

• The road to enlightenment and freedom from suffering is the Buddha's main message.
• The opportunity to study and practise the Noble Eightfold Path, which results in spiritual enlightenment, escape from suffering, and realisation of one's true nature, is one of the Buddha's blessings.
• The Buddha's teachings place a strong emphasis on compassion and kindness towards all living things.
• One can reap the benefits of developing a heart of benevolence, empathy, and compassion for oneself and others by putting these traits into practise.
• As a transcendent teacher who imparted profound wisdom and insights into the nature of existence, the Buddha is highly regarded.
• These teachings, which provide guidance for comprehending the true nature of reality, the impermanence of all things, and the causes of suffering, are among the blessings of the Buddha.