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Crawling Krishna | Little Krishna Murti/ Brass Idol/ Little Krishna Statue for Pooja

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Size: 1.5 Inch
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"• Immerse your space in divine energy with the Brass Little Krishna murti (Crawling Krishna idol), a symbol of Lord Krishna's playful and enchanting childhood.
• This statue captures the essence of the mischievous and endearing Krishna during his crawling years.
• This little Krishna statue (Crawling Krishna idol) is meticulously crafted from high-quality brass, ensuring durability and an authentic aesthetic.
• Depicting Lord Krishna in his crawling form, this little Krishna statue captures the playful and innocent nature of the divine child.
• The brass finish adds a touch of elegance and traditional charm to the little Krishna idol, making it a delightful addition to your sacred space.
• Lord Krishna, known for his leelas (divine plays), spent his childhood in Vrindavan, enchanting everyone with his divine activities.
• Having the Crawling little Krishna idol in your home invites the playful and loving energy of Krishna, fostering a deep connection with devotion and joy.
• The presence of Lord Krishna in his crawling form brings a sense of joy and playfulness to your surroundings.
• Whether placed in your puja room or as a centerpiece in your living space, the Little Krishna murti serves as a reminder of Krishna's divine leelas and invites the blessings of joy and devotion into your home.
• Embrace the divine charm of Krishna with this exquisitely crafted Little Krishna murti."