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Brass Water Sprinkler - 9 Inches | Brass Sprinkler/ Rosewater Sprinkler for Home/ 125 Gms Approx

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• The Brass Rose Water Sprinkler, with its simple yet elegant design, becomes a focal point of these welcoming rituals. Its elegant presence and the gentle spray of rose water create a memorable and traditional ambiance, setting the tone for the auspicious occasion.
• With a wide rounded base and a detachable nozzle, it is easy and convenient to use and refill when needed.
• Beyond weddings, the Brass Rose Water Sprinkler can also be used in various other Indian ceremonies, such as religious rituals, festive celebrations, and cultural gatherings. It adds a touch of cultural authenticity and charm to these events, honoring the customs of Indian hospitality.
• So, when you incorporate the Brass Rose Water Sprinkler into your ceremonies, you not only embrace the beauty and functionality of the sprinkler but also participate in a centuries-old tradition that symbolizes warmth, purity, and reverence for your guests.
• During wedding ceremonies, as guests arrive, they are greeted with a warm welcome of a sprinkling of rose water and an offering of chandan paste, symbolizing a gesture of purification, refreshment, and blessings.
• The sprinkling of rose water is believed to cleanse the aura and purify the atmosphere, creating a positive and auspicious environment for the event. This sprinkler creates a delicate mist.