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Brass Water Sprinkler - 11 x 3 Inches | Brass Sprinkler for Home/ 140 Gms Approx

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The Brass Water Sprinkler is a traditional and elegant accessory used during Hindu pujas and festive celebrations. It is designed to sprinkle water or other sacred liquids, such as Ganga Jal or rose water, as a symbol of purification and offering.
• The water sprinkler is crafted from high-quality brass, renowned for its durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Brass is often chosen for religious artifacts due to its auspicious nature.
• The sprinkler features a unique design with a long handle and a perforated spout. The handle allows a comfortable grip and precise control while sprinkling water. The spout is designed to create a gentle and even flow of water droplets.
• It typically has a moderate capacity to hold an adequate amount of water or liquid for sprinkling during rituals.
• It plays a significant role in purification rituals where water infused with holy elements is sprinkled on devotees, deities, or sacred objects to cleanse and sanctify them.
• To maintain the brass's shine and luster, clean the sprinkler regularly using a soft cloth and mild brass cleaner.
• The Brass Water Sprinkler is an essential tool for devotees and individuals seeking to perform pujas or participate in festive celebrations. Whether used for personal worship or gifted to loved ones, the sprinkler embodies the essence of traditional Hindu customs and adds a touch of elegance to spiritual practices.