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Nattuvangam | Brass Talam/ Tallam/ Musical Instrument for Bhajan

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Size: 3 Inch
SKU 52501652
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3 in

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2.5 in

0.22 kg

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3 in

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3 in

0.235 kg

• Introducing our brass talam/Nattuvangam/Tallam/Jalra with rope, a traditional Indian percussion instrument that adds a touch of authenticity to any musical performance or spiritual practice.
• Crafted from high-quality brass, this talam produces a rich, deep sound that resonates with power and clarity. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, while its sleek, polished finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.
• Designed with a rope handle, this nattuvangam is easy to grip and play, making it perfect for musicians of all skill levels.
• Whether you're performing in a professional setting or simply jamming with friends, this talam will elevate your sound and transport you to a world of rhythm and melody.
• In addition to its musical uses, this brass tallam is also a popular tool in many spiritual practices. Its resonant sound is believed to aid in meditation and help connect the practitioner with the divine.
• Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting out on your spiritual journey, this talam is an essential tool for any serious practitioner.
• Whether you're a seasoned bhajanai performer or just starting out, this brass talam is perfect for all skill levels. Its high-quality construction ensures a rich and melodious sound that will fill your pooja room with the sweet melodies of devotion.
• Invest in our brass talam with rope today and experience the power and beauty of Indian percussion. Perfect for personal use or as a gift for a music or spirituality enthusiast, it's sure to become a cherished part of anyone's collection.
• With a Nattuvangam musical instrument, the dancer and the nattuvangam player work in synchronisation to create a dynamic and engaging performance.
• This quality Bharathantiyam Nattuvangam helps set the rhythm and tempo, and creates additional percussive sounds that add a layer of complexity, beauty and excitement to the dance or bhajan performance.
• The combination of music, dance, and catchy percussive sounds creates rich and vibrant performances that will be enjoyed by audiences from all around the world.