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Brass Shankh Stand | Shankh Rakhne Ka Stand/ Shankh Holder for Pooja

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Size: 1.75 x 5 Inch
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A shankh / sangu is known to be held as a weapon by Lord Vishnu according to Hindu mythology. Right Hand Shankh is very auspicious for doing puja. It is said to bring calmness and prosperity in life. It also symbolizes good luck. People place shankh in the pooja room with shankh stand or locker as it brings wealth, fortune and luck to the individual and also the family.
• When bathing deity idols with holy substances, abhishek shankh, a pure variety of conch shell, is used.
• Brass Shankh Stand/Sangu stand is designed to hold various types of Shankhs such as Dakshinavarti Shankh, Heera Shankh, Ganesh Shankh and more.
• The Shankh Stand/Sangu stand is to be kept in the East corner of your home or Puja Altar with the Shankh.
• A strong and sturdy base and design that will ensure that your Shankh is placed safely in the puja altar.
• Enhances the visual divine appeal of the Shankh by giving it a place to rest, as auspicious as being held by the hand of Lord Vishnu Himself.
• Maa Lakshmi's emblem is the shankh. Shank is always shown as held by the divine hands of Goddess Lakshmi in art. ISKCON temples frequently employ it as well.
• Other uses for this shankh include offering water to the Gods as Pachamrit baths, Gangajal, and sprinklers during Aarti.
• The shankh is a sacred symbol that has historically been used as a war trumpet and is used as a representation of sound in Hindu rituals.
• Hindu scriptures extol the shankha as a source of fame, longevity, and prosperity as well as a sin-cleanser and the home of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Lord Vishnu's consort.
• Counch Stand: Hindu art frequently features the shankh alongside Vishnu.
• It is a representation of the water element and is linked to serpents (Nagas) and fertility.
• The religious practise of giving a deity a holy bath as part of a puja, usually using holy water, is known as abhishek. A shankh usually plays a major part in the offering of the elements. One should be aware of the type of Abhishek they wish to offer and the kind of blessings they wish to gain from it, as it is believed to be one of the most potent forms of receiving the blessings sought.
• Shankhs of various unique designs and shapes available online on our website. Please note that the product you receive might differ slightly from the image, due to the natural nature of the sangu.