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Brass Plate - 4.25 Inches | Thali Plate/ Pooja Plate for Home/ 140 Gms Approx

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4.25 in

4.25 in


0.14 kg

• Hindu homes use the Thali Plate, also called the Pooja Plate, as a sacred and multipurpose object for a variety of religious rites and ceremonies.
• This classic plate,crafted from premium brass, radiates elegance and charm while it fulfills its sacred function.
• The Thali Plate is fundamentally a symbol of dedication, auspiciousness, and cleanliness.
• The brass Plate material denotes strength, durability, and prosperity, while its round shape symbolizes the cyclical aspect of life and the world.
• Whether it is used in a personal temple or at religious gatherings, the Thali Plate, with its elaborate motifs and patterns, adds to the atmosphere of any sacred place.
• During daily prayers, poojas, and festivals, among other religious activities, the Thali Plate is used as a sacred vessel.
• Pooja thali brass allows a variety of offerings, such as aromatic incense sticks and colorful flower petals, which represent adoration and thanksgiving to the almighty.
• The Brass Thali Plate has a role in celebratory events and festive gatherings in addition to its religious significance. It becomes a representation of prosperity and harmony, bringing families and communities together for happy celebrations.
• Beyond only being aesthetically pleasing, the Brass Thali Plate is long-lasting and durable, making it a treasured keepsake for many years to come.
• Accept the spirit of spirituality and custom with the Brass Thali Plate, a treasured item that enhances each moment of holiness in the privacy of your own house.