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Brass Panchapatra - 3.25 x 3.25 Inch | Pancha Patra/ Panch Patra/ Panchapatram for Pooja

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3.25 in

3.25 in

3 in

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• The Brass Pancha Patra is a sacred vessel designed for Hindu religious rituals, particularly in the context of worship and puja.
• The Pancha Patra holds special significance in Hindu rituals, specifically for offering liquids such as water, milk, or other sacred substances to deities during worship.
• Crafted from high-quality brass, a metal considered sacred in Hinduism. Brass is believed to have healing properties and is associated with purity.
• In temples and homes, the Pancha Patra is used alongside the uddharani (spoon) for storing and offering theertham or abhisheka milk. This liquid is then distributed as prasadam to devotees.
• The use of brass is believed to purify the liquids stored in the Panch Patra, making them more suitable for offering to deities.
• Incorporating a brass Pancha Patra in puja is a symbol of reverence, devotion, and respect to the deity. It is seen as a way to invite blessings and spiritual benefits.
• Suitable for spiritual functions, festivals, and daily rituals in Hindu households and temples.
• The traditional design and sacred nature of the Panch Patra make it not only a functional ritual item but also a symbol of Hindu traditions and customs.
• Bring sacredness and tradition to your worship rituals with the Brass PanchaPatram.
• Elevate your spiritual practices with this beautifully crafted vessel designed for offering to the divine.