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Brass Cup | Brass Bowl/ Brass Vessel/ Small Brass Bowl for Pooja

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Size: 1.5 x 2.25 Inch
SKU 52501199
Width Height Depth Weight

2.25 in

1.5 in

1 in

0.035 kg

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3 in

2 in

1.75 in

0.1 kg

A puja oil cup, also known as a Pooja bowl or Katori, is a traditional Indian religious item used for various rituals and ceremonies. The cup, made of brass, is designed to hold oil or ghee (clarified butter), which is used for lighting lamps or diyas during worship or prayer.

Product Features:

• A brass oil cup or Pooja oil bowl not only serves a functional purpose during religious rituals but also adds a touch of tradition and elegance to home altars or sacred spaces. It is considered a sacred item and is treated with reverence and respect in various religious practices.
• A small brass bowl holds heat well, making it suitable for containing oils or ghee.
• The Pooja oil bowl features a simple and elegant design with a round or slightly oval shape.
• It has a sizeable capacity to hold the oil required to light a lamp for a number of times throughout the day.
• The puja oil cup makes it easier to hold and pour the oil or ghee.
• The primary purpose of a small brass bowl is to hold oil or ghee for lighting lamps or diyas during religious rituals or daily prayers. It is an essential item in Hindu traditions and symbolizes the offering of light to deities and the divine.
• In addition to holding oil or ghee, the brass Pooja bowl can also be used to hold other offerings, such as flowers, sacred ashes, or water, during various religious ceremonies.
• To maintain the shine and cleanliness of a brass oil cup, it is recommended to wash it with mild soap and water after each use. Brass cleaning solutions or traditional methods like lemon and salt can be used occasionally to restore its luster. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that could scratch the surface.