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Brass Lamp - 0.5 x 2 Inches | Karthik Deep/ Agal Vilakku for Pooja/ 10 Gms Approx

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SKU 52505209
Width Height Depth Material Weight

2 in

0.5 in

1 in


0.01 kg

• Explore Agal Deep's classic elegance, where artistry and tradition unite. Our collection honors the charm of brass, which is recognized for its shiny beauty and strength. 
• The well-known Agal Vilakku, a representation of heavenly brightness and cultural legacy, is at the center of our products.
• Every piece in our collection is elegant, having been crafted with care and attention to detail. Warm history is reflected in the Brass Diya, a staple of religious ceremonies and celebratory décor. 
• Use the brass diya to illuminate your holy areas. Its beautiful patterns and smooth finish lend an air of luxury to any environment.
• A symbol of spirituality, the Brass Deepam represents enlightenment and purity. Whether you use our beautiful Deepams to decorate your home shrine or to add a festive touch to your celebrations, they make every occasion better.
• With its roots in centuries-old workmanship, Agal Deep offers a modern take on tradition.
• Lighting the Agal Vilakku is a common practice during daily prayers, festivals, and special occasions, symbolizing the dispelling of darkness and the invitation of positive energy. 
• Every product of brass lamp is infused by our artisans with great care attention to detail, guaranteeing unmatched quality and authenticity.
• Begin your enlightened journey by accepting brass diya tradition. Allow the timeless warmth of brass from our collection to fill your life and infuse your house with a touch of spirituality and culture.
• Traditionally, the brass lamp is fueled by oil and a cotton wick, though modern adaptations may utilize candles or electric bulbs for convenience.
• The beauty of brass deepam, where each item narrates a tale of grace and reverence.
• Whether as a religious ritual, a cultural tradition, or an aesthetic adornment, Agal Deep continues to hold a cherished place in the hearts and homes of many.