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Brass Achmani - 10 x 1.5 Inches | Achmani Spoon/ Pooja Spoon/ Nagam Handle Uddharani for Pooja

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• Elevate your daily puja rituals and Hindu festivals with this achmani, an essential item for dispensing holy water.
• The Achmani-Uddharani is specifically designed for dispensing water from a panchapatra, a ritual vessel used in Hindu ceremonies. This Puja spoon is an indispensable tool for daily puja rituals and festivities.
• Made from a revered Brass. in Hindu tradition, this Achmani Spoon adds an auspicious touch to your puja room. It is believed to have purifying properties and is known for its durability.
• Incorporating this Achmani spoon into your puja rituals enhances the sacredness and authenticity of your worship. It symbolises the importance of purity and devotion in Hinduism.
• Use this Pooja spoon to dispense holy water from your panchapatra during daily puja rituals, adding a sacred dimension to your worship.
• Enhance the authenticity of your Hindu festivals by incorporating this traditional tool into your celebrations.
• During religious events, temples will use the Pooja spoon to distribute Pooja water, Abisheka Theertham, and Sripaadha Theertham.