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Brass Aarti - 4.5 x 6 Inches | Pancha Arathi/ Udupi Aarti for Pooja/ 190 Gms Approx

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6 in

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4.5 in

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• Elevate your spiritual ceremonies with the exquisite "Brass Udupi Pancha Aarti."
• Crafted from high-quality brass and designed in the traditional Udupi style, this Aarti holder is a testament to both functionality and aesthetics in Hindu rituals.
• The "Brass Udupi Pancha (five) Aarti" is a traditional Hindu religious item used for performing Aarti, a devotional ritual involving the waving of a lamp or lighted wicks in front of a deity.
• The term "Udupi" often refers to a style or tradition associated with the Udupi Krishna Temple in Karnataka, India.
• Aarti is an integral part of Hindu worship, symbolizing reverence, gratitude, and the offering of light to the divine.
• The Aarti holder features the distinctive Udupi style, honoring the traditions of the revered Udupi Krishna Temple. Its design reflects the rich cultural heritage and devotion associated with this spiritual tradition.
• The Aarti holder is designed to hold five wicks or lamps simultaneously, allowing you to perform Pancha Aarti - a ritual involving the waving of lights to honor and offer reverence to the deity.
• Crafted from durable brass, this brass aarti is corrosion-resistant and built to last. The elegant design adds an aesthetic appeal to your sacred rituals.
• The five holders ensure a practical and efficient way to perform Aarti, making it a valuable addition to your prayer room or place of worship.
• By using this brass aarti, you connect with the rich spiritual and cultural significance of the Udupi tradition, enhancing the spiritual ambiance of your devotional practices.
• Illuminate your worship and infuse your rituals with grace and elegance using the "Brass Udupi Pancha Aarti."
• Let the warm glow of the flames symbolize your unwavering devotion as you perform the sacred Pancha Aarti, honoring the divine with reverence and light.