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Brass Aarti - 2 x 10 Inches | Laddle Karpoora Burner/ Kapoor Arti for Pooja/ 200 Gms Approx

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Width Height Depth Material Weight

10 in

2 in

1.75 in


0.2 kg

• The bronze used in making "The Bronze Laddle Aarti" elevates traditional rituals like Dhoop Aarti and Kapoor Aarti, providing a spiritual experience. This beautiful piece is a must-have for both home worship and holy rituals since it reflects the spirit of dedication and spirituality.
• Pure and traditional values are symbolized by the expertly made bronze laddle. Its exquisite design, adorned with complex patterns, lends a sense of beauty to every ritualistic deed.
• An alloy mainly made up of copper and tin is called bronze, from which a bronze laddle is formed. Because of its appealing look, resistance to corrosion, and durability, bronze is a favored material for auspicious goods.
• Our bronze laddles arrive in various designs and sizes, but they generally consist of a long handle connected to a deep, bowl-shaped scoop. The scoop may have a rounded or flat bottom.
• The laddle serves as a conduit for offering fragrant incense to the gods during Dhoop Aarti, filling the surrounding area with a calming scent that heightens the spiritual atmosphere. Similar to this, the sacred light carried by the laddle during Kapoor Aarti represents the illumination of knowledge and the eradication of darkness.
• An enduring symbol of reverence and devotion, the Bronze Laddle Aarti can be found in temples, homes, or religious assemblies. It has been handed down through the generations as a treasured item, enhancing the spiritual journeys of everyone who engages in its celebrations because of its timeless beauty and significance. Embrace the divine essence with the Bronze Laddle Aarti, which is a spiritual and traditional manifestation.