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Brass Aarti - 2.5 x 11 Inches | Laddle Kapoor Arti/ Camphor Aarti for Pooja/ 290 Gms Approx

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Width Height Depth Material Weight

11 in

2.5 in

2.5 in


0.29 kg

• The bronze used in making "The Bronze Laddle Aarti" elevates traditional rituals like Dhoop Aarti and Kapoor Aarti, providing a spiritual experience. This beautiful piece is a must-have for both home worship and holy rituals since it reflects the spirit of dedication and spirituality.
• Pure and traditional values are symbolized by the expertly made bronze laddle. Its exquisite design, adorned with complex patterns, lends a sense of beauty to every ritualistic deed.
• An alloy mainly made up of copper and tin is called bronze, from which a bronze laddle is formed. Because of its appealing look, resistance to corrosion, and durability, bronze is a favored material for auspicious goods.
• Our bronze laddles arrive in various designs and sizes, but they generally consist of a long handle connected to a deep, bowl-shaped scoop. The scoop may have a rounded or flat bottom.
• The laddle serves as a conduit for offering fragrant incense to the gods during Dhoop Aarti, filling the surrounding area with a calming scent that heightens the spiritual atmosphere. Similar to this, the sacred light carried by the laddle during Kapoor Aarti represents the illumination of knowledge and the eradication of darkness.
• An enduring symbol of reverence and devotion, the Bronze Laddle Aarti can be found in temples, homes, or religious assemblies. It has been handed down through the generations as a treasured item, enhancing the spiritual journeys of everyone who engages in its celebrations because of its timeless beauty and significance.
• Embrace the divine essence with the Bronze Laddle Aarti, which is a spiritual and traditional manifestation.