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Blouse Bit - 1 Mtr| 2 By 2 Unstitched Blouse Piece/ Unstitched Blouse Material for Women/ Assorted Colours

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We are pleased to present our 1-meter Poly Cotton Blouse piece, an ideal material for creating fashionable and cozy blouses. 
• This blouse material, which is composed of a polyester and cotton blend, offers the greatest qualities of both materials: the softness and breathability of cotton and the durability and ease of maintenance of polyester. Your creations will have a hint of elegance thanks to the poly-cotton blouse cloth, which guarantees a smooth texture and gloss.
• With a length of a meter, this blouse piece offers sufficient fabric for many different blouse designs, whether your goal is a more modern, loose-fitting style or a traditional, tailored look. The blouse material is versatile and appropriate for a range of environments, including formal evening wear and casual day wear.
• The blouse is still evolving now to keep up with shifting fashion trends. It is available in many different styles, ranging from business casual to everyday wear. You can customize this beautiful piece according to your comfort and style. More adaptability and comfort are made possible by innovations in textiles and design.
• You can select the ideal match for your fashion projects from a variety of vivid colors and designs offered by our Poly Cotton Blouse Bit. It is a favorite of both beginner and seasoned seamstresses due to its ease of cutting, sewing, and maintenance.
• Our 1-meter Poly Cotton Blouse Bit has the quality and adaptability you require, whether you're making a single item of clothing or trying out new patterns. With this high-quality fabric that blends comfort, style, and utility, you can completely change your wardrobe.