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Black Tulasi Mala - 11.5 Inches | Silver Cup Kanthi Mala/ Tulsi Mala for Men & Women

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• A precious and symbolic item with profound spiritual meaning is the Black Tulasi Mala.
• It is made with great care and attention to detail, and the dark-hued tulasi beads give off a mysterious, reverent vibe.
• This unique artifact is a tangible manifestation of dedication and faith, akin to the Silver Cup Kanthi Mala in its elegance and craftsmanship.
• The Black Tulasi Mala is a timeless spiritual emblem that speaks to everyone who aspires to spiritual satisfaction and it is made to be attractive to both men and women.
• The tulsi kanthi mala for men & women combines traditional customs with modern design to represent the best of both worlds.
• The spiritual importance of the Black Tulasi Mala extends beyond its aesthetic appeal.
• As a sacred plant with purifying qualities that bestows blessings and protection onto its bearer, tulasi is highly regarded in Hindu culture.
• People who wear tulsi kanthi mala invite happiness, peace, and spiritual development into their lives.
• This beautiful piece of tulsi japa mala is more than just a fashion statement; it's a concrete representation of regard and commitment.
• Encouraging inner serenity and harmony in a world that is constantly changing, the Black Tulasi Mala acts as a channel for heavenly energy as it hangs around the wearer's neck.