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Birbal The Wise

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•A book called "Birbal the Wise" is made up of a number of tales about Birbal, a well-known courtier and adviser to the Mughal emperor Akbar. The book is authored by Anant Pai and is part of the well-known Amar Chitra Katha comic book series.
• The tales in "Birbal the Wise" show Birbal's humor, intellect, and creativity in dealing with a range of issues and difficulties that the emperor and the citizens of his realm encountered. Stories regarding Birbal's run-ins with robbers, competing courtiers, and even royal family members are included in the Amar chitra katha book.
• Some of the best-known tales in the book are "Birbal's Khichdi," in which Birbal deceives a pack of ravenous courtiers, and "Birbal and the Thief," in which Birbal uses cunning strategy to catch a thief.
• Overall, "Birbal the Wise" is a charming and enjoyable collection of tales that honors the humor and knowledge of one of India's most revered historical personalities. Readers of all ages find it to be a fantastic introduction to Indian tradition and folklore.