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Bhuma Vidyai - Sanskrit - Tamil | by Dr. Goda Venkateswara Sastrigal/ Hindu Religious Book

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Bhuma Vidya, as mentioned in this Hindu book/devotional book/spiritual book, is the practice of meditating on Brahman, the supreme among all supremes and the Absolute in the form of unending bliss. This is done in order to demonstrate that nothing is lost when the Absolute is realized by gradually elevating the mind of the pupil from the lowest reality imaginable to the highest reality. Nothing of the world is lost when God is attained, just as we cannot claim to have lost the shadow when we catch the original. Everything is acquired in an different way. One could argue that the shadow is a component of the original. It appears in the original. All of Reality's lower levels are merely manifestations of It. Every name and form that exists in this creation is a more limited manifestation of Reality. The higher degree does not exclude the lower degree because the higher degree also includes the lower degree and the highest degree encompasses all degrees. That is what Bhuma is.

This Vidya occurs in the Chhandogyopanishad, VII. 24 of the Hindu book/devotional book/spiritual book, where Sanatkumara instructs Narada in the nature of the Unconditioned Infinite Plenum or the Fullness of Being. Where one sees nothing else, hears nothing else, understands nothing else, that is called the Infinite Plenum. But where one sees something else, hears something else, understands something else, that is called the little finite. That which is Infinite is Immortal, and that which is finite is mortal. This is perhaps the greatest of all the Upanishadic Vidyas, for it sums up the entire result of all philosophies and Vedantic enquiries. It treats of the most exalted Absolute State of unlimited bliss and immortal life after attaining which one returns not to mortal existence. All the Vidyas lead one from the unreal to the Real, from darkness to Light, from mortality to Immortality. They lead the soul from the Moola-Ajnana to the highest Brahman either through Krama-Mukti or Sadyo-Mukti. Sri Sankaracharya says in his Brahma-Sutra-Bhashya that even those who go to Saguna-Brahman (through Vidya-Upasanas) will ultimately go to Nirguna-Brahman. This Hindu book/devotional book/spiritual book elucidates upon the matters of Bhumai Vidyai in a comprehensible Sanskrit-Tamil text.