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Bhoj Patra Set | 4 Pcs/ Bhujpatra/ Bhuj Patra/ Bhojpatra Sheet for Yantra & Pooja

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• Bhoj Patra, also known as Bhoja Patra, is a traditional substance used in ancient Indian practices, particularly Ayurvedic and Vedic astrology.
• Bhoj Patra is a one-of-a-kind organic material with historical importance in Indian culture. It's manufactured from the bark of the Bhoj Patra tree, which is famed for its strength, flexibility, and auspicious powers.
• The bark is methodically prepared for the sheets by treating it and chopping it into workable pieces.
• Bhoj Patra has been used for centuries in various traditional practices, including Ayurveda, astrology, and religious rituals, for its purity and sacredness. 
• Bhoj Patra paper is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and free from synthetic materials, making it a sustainable choice. 
• These sheets are used for writing mantras, yantras, and other sacred texts in Vedic rituals and ceremonies. They are also employed in astrology for drawing birth charts and predictive calculations. 
• Bhoj Patra paper is believed to enhance the purity and effectiveness of writings, drawings, and inscriptions, making it a preferred choice for sacred texts and astrological charts.
• Astrologers use Bhoj Patra sheets to create birth charts, horoscopes, and other astrological documents, believing that the material enhances the accuracy of predictions.
• Bhoj Patra is utilized for writing mantras, yantras, and sacred texts during spiritual and religious ceremonies, contributing to their sanctity.