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Bheema And Hanuman

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• The book "Bheema and Hanuman – The Son of Vayu, The Wind God" is an exciting addition to the renowned Amar Chitra Katha series.
• Authored by Kamala Chandrakant, this English comic book transports readers into the epic world of Indian mythology, where they encounter the awe-inspiring tales of Bheema and Hanuman.
• In "Bheema and Hanuman," readers are introduced to two iconic characters from Indian mythology, both known for their extraordinary strength and valor.
• Bheema, one of the Pandava brothers from the Mahabharata, is renowned for his unmatched physical power and courage.
• This comic delves into the fascinating episodes from Bheema's life, highlighting his legendary feats, his role in the Kurukshetra War, and his unwavering loyalty to his elder brother Yudhishthira.
• Hanuman, the beloved monkey god from the Ramayana, is celebrated for his boundless devotion to Lord Rama and his incredible acts of bravery.
• The comic beautifully captures Hanuman's birth, his pivotal role in the search for Sita, his incredible leap to Lanka, and his devotion to Lord Rama.
• "Bheema and Hanuman" skillfully narrates the captivating stories of these two legendary figures, drawing from the rich tapestry of Indian epics.
• The comic is adorned with vivid illustrations that vividly depict the characters, settings, and emotions of the tales.
• Bheema and Hanuman hold significant places in Hindu mythology and embody values of strength, courage, and devotion.
• "Bheema and Hanuman – The Son of Vayu, The Wind God" is a literary treasure that brings to life the remarkable adventures of two iconic figures from Indian mythology.
• Kamala Chandrakant's storytelling and the comic's captivating artwork make it a delightful and enlightening read for both children and adults. It's a celebration of heroism, devotion, and the enduring legacy of these beloved characters.