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Bell Sandal Scented Pooja Tablets Box 100Gms

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• Experience the divine and aromatic fragrance of sandalwood during your daily pooja practise with Bell Sandal Sar Scented Powder. A traditional way to create a spiritual atmosphere.
• Made with pure and high-quality sandalwood powder, this fragrant powder is an essential component of Hindu rituals and ceremonies.
• It is finely ground for a smooth and even texture, making it easy to mix with water and apply to the body, clothes, and surroundings.
• Often used in havans and pujas. The paste can be used for the ritual bathing of Idols of deities. Applying it on the foreheads as a tilak, which is believed to cool the Agni Chakra.
• The delicate scent of sandalwood is known to have calming and purifying properties, enhancing the spiritual ambiance of your surroundings.
• Helps purify the mind and body before prayer and is offered to deities as a symbol of devotion and respect.
• The rich and woody aroma of sandalwood is said to elevate one's consciousness and promote a deep sense of inner peace.
• Our sandalwood powder is free from any additives or chemicals, making it safe and pure to use.
• It comes in convenient packaging, making it easy to store and use for your daily puja rituals.