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Be Positive Healthy Soup For Positive Growth - English | by Srinivasan Radhakrishnan/ Motivational Book

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• "Be Positive" is a book written by Srinivasan Radhakrishnan, a Chennai-based author and management consultant.
• This Positive Thinking Book is a collection of inspirational stories that are based on the author' s personal experiences and observations.
• The stories in "Be Positive" revolve around the theme of positivity and how it can transform our lives.
• The author uses real-life incidents and anecdotes to illustrate the power of positive thinking, and how it can help us overcome challenges and achieve our goals.
• This Positive Thinking Book is written in a simple and engaging style, making it accessible to readers of all ages and backgrounds.
• This Positive Thinking Book is suitable for anyone who is looking for inspiration and guidance on how to lead a more positive and fulfilling life.
• This Stress Relief Books is a heartwarming and uplifting book that encourages readers to focus on the positive aspects of life and to embrace a more optimistic outlook.
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