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Baji Rao 1 - The Warrior Peshwa - English

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The Maratha Prime Minister and warrior Baji Rao, known as Peshwa, fought 36 battles and consistently led his forces to victory. At the same time, the once dominant Mughals began to show signs of weakness, as Baji Rao turned the Marathas into a formidable force in the nation.

The narrative focuses on Baji Rao's ascent to prominence, his multiple military triumphs, and his initiatives to broaden the Maratha Empire. Baji Rao's bravery, leadership, and strategic thinking are highlighted in Amar Chitra Katha, along with his romantic relationship with Mastani, a Muslim princess from Bundelkhand. Introduce Amar Chitra Katha to your children throughout their early years. It will introduce them to historical events, mythical tales, and the biographies of famous people, teaching them about India's rich cultural legacy and encouraging virtues like bravery, righteousness, and deference to elders.