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Ayodhya Rama Idol - 6 x 3 Inches | Poly Resin Statue/ Black Ayodhya Ramar Statue for Pooja

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SKU 6057629
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3 in

6 in

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0.225 kg

• The Ayothi Ramar Statue, an exquisitely carved poly resin statue that aims to evoke the very spirit of Lord Ayodhya Rama.
• The deity, one of the most respected characters in Hinduism, is displayed in this magnificent Ayodhya Ramar statue in a tranquil and royal position that reflects his grace and wisdom.
• Polyresin statues are known for their durability and fine detail, and this Ayodhya Rama idol is no exception. Each feature is carefully sculpted to perfection, from the intricately designed crown to the delicate folds of his garments, making it a true work of art.
• The use of poly resin ensures that the statue is lightweight yet sturdy, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
• The Ayothi Ramar statue is a sign of dedication and spirituality and is more than just a pretty object. A sense of serenity and holy presence may fill your surroundings when you place this Lord Ayodhya Rama statue in your house or temple.
• This Ayodhya Rama idol is an ideal choice whether you're a believer looking for a holy idol to worship or an art fan wanting to broaden your collection. With this gorgeous polyresin statue, honor Lord Rama's eternal beauty and spiritual value.