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Avudaiyar - 1 x 4 Inches | Soft Stone Shiv Ling Stand/ Shivling Stand for Pooja

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Rs. 750.00
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SKU 72504867
Width Height Depth Material Weight

4 in

1 in

2.75 in

Soft Stone

0.41 kg

• A heavenly addition to any hallowed place is the Avudaiyar Soft Stone Shiv Ling Stand.
• This shiv ling stand, which was made with extreme attention and regard, is a symbol of dedication and spirituality. It is carved from soft stone and would fit well on home altars or meditation areas.
• The Shiv Linga stand symbolizes the cosmic union of Shiva and Shakti, the divine principles of creation and destruction, and the merging of masculine and feminine energies.
• Designed to cradle the sacred shiv ling with grace and elegance, this stand offers a secure and dignified resting place for the representation of Lord Shiva. Its smooth surface and intricate detailing reflect the timeless beauty of ancient craftsmanship, invoking a sense of reverence and awe.
• Ideal for devotees seeking to create a sacred ambiance within their homes, the Avudaiyar Soft Stone Shiv Ling Stand serves as a symbolic gateway to divine connection. Its presence serves as a reminder of Lord Shiva's omnipresence and eternal grace, inspiring deep contemplation and spiritual reflection.
• Whether as a centerpiece for daily worship rituals or as a decorative accent for tranquil spaces, this Shiv ling stand is a testament to the enduring devotion to Lord Shiva. Elevate your spiritual practice and invite the divine presence into your home with the Avudaiyar Soft Stone Shiv Ling Stand.