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Ashta Mangala Prachanam - Tamil

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Hindu astrology has greater significance for this predictive issue because of its fundamental reference to Sage Parasara. One of these, known as the Prasna tantra, literally translates to "many aspects" of Prasna or Horary astrology. Astamanga Prasna is a sophisticated and comprehensive technique for preparing eight materials and instruments (Ashta signifies eight) for horary or prana prediction. With the use of a horary chart (Prasna Rasi Chakra), which is divined via devotion, the outcomes in horary are prophesied. Next, the Ashtamangala number is established using 108 cowries in the Chart Aarooda or ascendent.

When a person asks about his or her personal and Deva Prasna about acts, rituals, shortcomings, omen, idol loss or theft, statue defacement in temples, and temple activities, both Aarooda and Ashtamangala numbers provide different answers. From the beginning of the Pooja to Deivagna's posture, Raasipooja, query chart, five mahasoothras, application of soothra principles, Thrisphuta, Chatursphuta, Panchasphuta, and Ashtamangala results, including deities indicated by Planetary combinations to identify the presiding deity, this book covers all aspects of Ashtamangala Prasna in great detail. Without a doubt, Ashtamangala Prasna practice will improve the reputation and morale of every astrologer, and this book will encourage astrology fans and practitioners worldwide.