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Asan Mat - 12 x 11.5 Inches | Satin Aasan Mat/ Pooja Aasan for Deity

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SKU 30712
Width Depth Material Weight

12 in

11.5 in


0.02 kg

• Enhance your sacred space with our exquisite Small Aasana Mat for Deity, crafted from luxurious satin. This elegant Pooja Aasan mat is designed to elevate your divine worship experience, providing a refined and comfortable seat for your revered deity. 
• The smooth, lustrous fabric not only adds a touch of opulence but also ensures durability and ease of maintenance, making it an ideal choice for daily rituals and special occasions.
• Our God Pooja Asan is manufactured by the customs of Hindu worship. The size of the asana mat is ideal for holding little idols, guaranteeing that your deity is placed with the highest dignity and respect. Rich silky texture creates an air of holiness and devotion while brilliantly reflecting light, elevating your meditation space's spiritual mood.
• Whether performing daily rituals or celebrating festive occasions, this Asan Mat for Deity is a perfect foundation for your divine practices.
• The act of placing an idol on an Asasna mat carries deep spiritual symbolism, signifying the devotee's reverence and respect for the deity, as well as creating a sacred space for communion and worship.
• Its vibrant colors and intricate patterns symbolize purity and devotion, making it a must-have accessory for every worshipper.
• Elevate your pooja experience with this premium satin Pooja Aasan, and invite divine blessings into your home with grace and elegance.