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Artificial Hair - 5.5 Inches | Artificial Hair Braid/ Amman Jadai for Varalakshmi Decor

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• With our gorgeous Single Artificial Hair Plait, hair accessories you can enhance the holy presence of Devi statues while also discovering elegance and heritage.
• This plait, which was created using the finest level of fake hair, is a masterpiece of art and attention to detail, guaranteeing a realistic appearance that goes nicely with any Devi murti.
• This hair accessories is perfect for religious rituals, festivals, and cultural events. It gives the worship of the Devi idol a touch of elegance and genuineness.
• Making a hair accessory for a Devi idol is a customary and symbolic act that honors and reveres the goddess.
• Add flowers to the artificial hair plait, preferably real or fake.
• For further ornamentation, use tiny hair ornaments, beads, or gemstones on the artificial hair. Because of its versatility, this artificial hair can be included in a wide range of conventional hairstyles with ease, which raises the holy representation's visual appeal.
• Our Single Artificial Hair Plait, which comes in a variety of hues and styles, has been designed to accommodate a wide range of tastes and needs, making it the ideal choice for any Devi idol.
• Adorn every moment of devotion with grace and elegance by embracing tradition with our Single Artificial Hair Plait and witnessing the beauty and reverence it brings to the worship of Devi murti.