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Artificial Flower Garland - 25 Inches | Cloth Mala/ Artificial Mala for Photo Frame

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• With this gorgeous Cloth Mala, a fake flower garland that adds a sense of elegance and tradition to any occasion, you can elevate your celebrations and everyday routines.
• Our precisely created Cloth Mala is a long-lasting and sustainable substitute for fresh flowers, matching its beauty and allure.
• Artificial flower decoration Crafted from sturdy, fine fabric that emulates the delicate look of genuine flowers.
• Every garland is painstakingly made to provide a realistic and attractive appearance.
• Our Cloth Mala is an affordable option because it can be used repeatedly, unlike fresh flower garlands.
• A sustainable option that reduces waste and the need for fresh artificial flower garland and Gently wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust.