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Artificial Flower Arch - 6 x 7.25 Inch | Gold Polish Flower Arch/ Deity Jewellery/ Jewellery for Deity

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SKU 72504310
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7.25 in

6 in

0.043 kg

• Metal arch for Deity Decoration is a set of beautifully crafted ornaments designed to adorn the hair of the deity idol during worship and ceremonial occasions
• These hair accessories feature a plain arch design with intricate flower motifs, adding a touch of elegance and divine beauty to the deity's appearance.
• The arch design represents the divine gateway and serves as a frame to enhance the deity's hair and overall ornamentation. The delicate flower motifs add grace and charm, representing the beauty and purity associated with divine beings.
• This deity jewellery is designed to be securely attached to the deity's hair, ensuring stability during worship and rituals. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, allowing for a seamless and graceful integration with the deity idol.
• The gold-polished finish of the hair accessories (deity jewellery) adds a touch of grandeur and splendor to the deity's appearance.
• The radiant shine reflects the divine light and symbolizes the divine presence. The hair accessories beautifully complement the deity's attire and other adornments, creating a visually stunning and captivating display.
• By incorporating the Plain Arch in deity decoration, you enhance the visual appeal and sacredness of the worship space. These ornate hair accessories serve as a visual representation of devotion and reverence, inviting the divine blessings and grace of the deity.
• Let these exquisite ornaments elevate the divine ambiance and create a mesmerizing atmosphere during worship and festive occasions.