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Arthamulla Indhu Matham - Tamil - HB

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Religion in the universe was originated by a Mahapurusha in each age to suit the region of that time. Our Hindu religion was not just created by one person, according to the time, but was created by the Lord since the beginning of the world, suitable for all times and for all people, and has been eternal. Our Hindu religion is meant to propagate eternally. But it may see a decrease in its followers from time to time. It is meant to be fulfilled by the incarnation of the Lord and by Mahapurushas and Gnanis. The informative theistic ideas will spread peace if ingrained in the minds of the people, and hence live comfortably by following the Hindu Dharma. Arthamulla Hindu Madham, of Kavignar Kannadasan, poet par excellence, has written an exhaustive narration about the various aspects of Hindu Dharma in a simple and lucid Tamil language. It is one of the best selling titles that Tamil literature history has ever seen. Sri Kannadasan has gone into depth of the Dharmic living. Comes in a pack of 10 volumes, each one is considered as a gem in the crown. A must-have book in every household that should be available for generations.