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Arakku Maligai - Tamil | By Lakshmi/ Fiction Book

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On the suggestion of Bhishma and Vidura, Dhrutarathiran, the youngest of the Athinapura royal princes, became the prince of the Palace of Lacquer, also known as Lakshagraha. As a result, Duryodhana made the decision to drive the Pandavas out of Ashtinapuram.

In accordance with Duryodhana's plot, Dhritarathiran banished Kunti and the Pandavas to the town of Varanavatam. Daruma understands Vidura's implied warning that only rats would enter the ring and escape when the forest is on fire when the Pandavas depart from Athenapuram and go to Varanavatam.

Duryodhana and Purosana constructed a combustible lacquer palace in secret at Varanavatam.

Purosana requested that the Pandavas, who had traveled to Varanavatam, remain at the Araku house. A tunnel was created by one of Vidura's soldiers to get out of the Araku home. After a while, Prosanan set the Araku Malikka on fire, but not before Veeman had fled the Araku Mansion with Kunti and his brothers. Prosanan perished in the lacquered house fire.