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Anubhoga Vaithiya Brahma Ragasiyam - Tamil

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The 434 paged book is a compilation of 2500 medical remedies formulated by efforts of Sriman Koshayi Swamigal and his son-in-law Munusamy Mudaliyar while on pilgrimages is published by Pu Su Kuppusamy Mudaliyar. The book contains 13 chapters of which the first 11 are types of Paranis and the 12th and 13th are the time these medicines take to get digested.

The index of medical ingredients is followed by descriptions of male and female fingerprint studies and methods of treating the herbs and other ingredients. Further, the book details the dosage and the diet to be observed by the patient while going through the treatment, medical pastes based on oil, vermillion and wax apart from external applications to name a few.