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Shiv Parivar Murti | Antique Brass Statue/ Shiva Parvati Statue/ Pradosha Murti for Pooja

Original price Rs. 2,350.00 - Original price Rs. 4,150.00
Original price
Rs. 2,350.00
Rs. 2,350.00 - Rs. 4,150.00
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Size: 6 Inch
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• Elevate your spiritual space with the divine presence of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati through the Antique Finish Shiva Parvati Sitting on Cow Statue.
• This intricately crafted masterpiece captures the essence of the divine union, symbolizing love, harmony, and the cosmic balance.
• The Antique Finish statue depicts Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati seated gracefully on a cow, symbolizing the divine union and the harmonious balance of masculine and feminine energies.
• The Shiv Parivar murti showcases intricate details, fine craftsmanship, and a beautiful antique finish. Brass is chosen for its durability and ability to hold intricate detailing.
• Shiva, the Lord of Destruction, and Parvati, the Divine Mother, represent the eternal union of the masculine and feminine principles.
• The cow, considered sacred in Hinduism, adds to the symbolism of purity, nurturing, and abundance.
• In This Shiv parivar murti, Shiva is depicted in a meditative pose with his trident, representing divine power. Parvati is depicted in a loving and graceful posture, symbolizing devotion and compassion.
• The cow, as a gentle and nurturing presence, enhances the overall symbolism.
• The antique finish not only adds aesthetic appeal but also gives the statue a timeless and classical look.
• The size of the Shiva Parvati statue is ideal for placing it in your home temple, meditation space, or any area dedicated to spiritual practices. Its presence can inspire a sense of divine love, unity, and balance.
• The Shiva Parvati statue represents the divine harmony within the universe and serves as a reminder of the sacred bond between Shiva and Parvati.
• This Shiva Parvati idol conveys the message of balance, love, and the cyclical nature of creation.
• This Shiva Parvati idol makes for a meaningful and auspicious gift for weddings, housewarmings, or any spiritual occasion.
• This Shiv Parvati murti symbolizes blessings for a harmonious and loving home.
• Invite the divine energies of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati into your sacred space with the Antique Finish Shiv Parvati murti.
• Let this divine representation inspire balance, love, and spiritual growth in your life.